Time to Talk, Time to Cook

The Time to Talk Time to Cook project came about through the Sugar Group, based at the Kath Locke Centre in Moss Side, Manchester. This support group for people with Type 2 diabetes has been running since 1999 and provides weekly activities, such as talks from health professionals and a keep fit class.

The group expressed interest in learning more about healthy eating for diabetes. and began working with Foodwiser. I thought it would be useful to revisit traditional Caribbean recipes in the light of new and emerging knowledge about nutrition for diabetes.

The traditional Caribbean diet is rich in vegetables, fruit, fish and coconut – beautiful, healthy ingredients for any menu (link below to the Time to Talk Time to Cook recipe book).

The project’s secondary aim was to support community cohesion by improving relationships between the older and younger generation through shared activities that promote wellbeing.

Takeaways and unhealthy fast foods have become a large part of many people’s way of eating, and young people are particularly affected. This project provided a good opportunity to share knowledge and skills and get younger people interesting in cooking good food from scratch and learning recipes relevant to their heritage.

This report describes the project and its outcomes. A Quality of Life survey was carried out alongside this project by researchers from Manchester University and their evaluation is included in this report.