Alan Turner

I was confirmed as diabetic in 2001 and since then my sugar levels had gradually increased year by year resulting in my medication increasing accordingly. Recently my GP started suggesting that insulin injections may be the next option. I was determined to do what I could to avoid this. Through a friend Loren was recommended to me. We initially had a long telephone conversation to discuss my lifestyle and eating preferences. Loren then produced a personal diet regime for me which I found to be easy to manage and enjoyable. I soon noticed that my sugar levels were reducing quite quickly, my energy levels were increasing and my weight had come down.

After following Loren’s recommendations for three months I was sent by my GP  for a longterm blood glucose reading which was the lowest I had had for over seven years. My GP was really pleased and wanted to know how I had achieved these readings.

It had been a great surprise to me to see how much difference my diet can make to my well being and I have now incorporated Loren’s dietary advice into my lifestyle.


I originally started using the Foodwiser Nutritional Approach to support a family member to lose weight  – and because the suggested nutritional plan looked very tempting and easy to follow. I loved the idea of being given permission to eat butter again!

However, the first thing I noticed was that I felt instantly energised, and within a few weeks I had lost both waist and weight. A year later, I have dropped two dress sizes and can maintain my new size effortlessly. This is a way of eating and a way of life that really suit me.

Hannah Greenwood

Loren has been my nutritionist for 18 months now. My work demands high energy so I needed to find an nutritional approach that enabled me to lose weight without losing my energy. Loren’s approach has been excellent and I am delighted with the results: I have dropped two dress sizes; my energy has increased dramatically and my overall health has improved noticeably. Loren is a great nutritionist. Her innate wisdom, scholarly expertise and wonderful warmth have enabled the change I was looking and hoping for.