The Foodwiser approach

I can help you

  • rediscover the joys of eating real food
  • forget about calorie counting and ‘diets’ which leave you ravenous and obsessed with forbidden foods.
  • unlearn the habits which are undermining your health
  • reclaim your natural healthy appetite by giving your body the foods on which you can thrive.
  • make the best food choices, based on a better understanding of your individual needs
  • get moving: exercise improves your overall health, stabilises your appetite and helps you to stay on track with eating wisely

What is my advice based on?

Solid experience of helping people with a range of problems, from wanting to lose weight, to controlling diabetes (see Testimonials)

Knowledge: I keep up-to-date with research published in reputable scientific journals and assess if the latest theories about diet and weight loss are biologically plausible. However,  there have been very few rigorously-controlled experiments on diet and nutrition. Most research to date has been ‘observational’ and therefore can only give us suggestions and clues about where to look for answers.

Tried and tested. As a starting point, I encourage people to aim for the kind of diet which humans have have thrived on for at least two million years and is therefore tried and tested: meat, fish, fowl, eggs, vegetables, nuts and fruit, as unprocessed as possible.

Many people who have diet-related problems find their health improves if they base their diet on these elements and avoid most grains and dairy products.

Each individual, though, will have unique needs, likes, dislikes and possibly food intolerances, and therefore you will be offered a plan tailored specially for you. And because I know how tricky it can be to change your eating habits in today’s busy world, with so much processed food on offer. you will get help every step of the way, with menus, planning, recipes and other support.